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     www.hosurallproperty.com  is a real estate consulting Website for 21st Century, built like an online property store (e.g. eTrade/eCommerce). This means we give you the perfect combination of online tools and personal service. We are a team of real estate professionals facilitating Buying, Selling, rental or Leasing of all Real-Estate Consulting Services. We are one of the leading online real-estate consulters in India. We have more the 750+ satisfied customers in a short span of time.      

     Our sites are well located providing customers with conveniently located plots along with excellent investment options. When we develop sites, all amenities are given top priority. The parks are properly landscaped to add to the aesthetics for the project.

     Since 2003, the firm has grown from strength to strength striving hard to transform the vision into reality. Today the firm's name has become synonymous with the quality real estate builders, promoters & developers. In pursuit of its mission, Fair Deal Property has put in place sound processes which would help in its continuous growth.


We help you buy-We make the process of buying a property in Hosur easy:


  • After meeting with you, our experienced professionals will construct a brief of your requirements ensuring 
       that they are achievable and will start to look for properties which match your brief.
  • We will inspect the properties on your behalf, saving you the travel time and exhaustion of open days
  • We will Provide and assessment of value on the properties of your choice.
  • We will negotiate directly with the agent and/or owner on your behalf.
  • We will help you find the most appropriate finance tailored to suit you.
  • We will organize building inspection,pest,survey and engineering reports.
  • We follow the sale from purchase to settlement.
  • At all times we will adapt out services to suit your requirements.


We help you sell-We are qualified, competent real estate professionals and we will help you navigate the myriad of decisions that arise when selling a property. We provide value to the property sellers in many ways:

  • We pay for all marketing and advertising costs.
  • We add experience and expertise in all aspects of the sales process including marketing, financing, negotiations
       and more.
  • We handle all showings.
  • We bring a network of known, trusted real estate professionals.
  • We always have your interests in our mind so you always have someone on your side.
  • We can handle and advise on all price and contract negotiations.
  • We provide you with all the possible options and opportunities without holding back.
  • We give an unbiased, realistic view of your property and your options. Unlike buyers and sellers, we have
       no emotional attachment to property.
  • So the Statics will be realistic.
  • Your time is valuable. We allow you to spend your time how you want.

Services for Builders and Developers:

  • Complete turnkey solutions from Searching the Lands, Arranging finance, Legal Consulting, to selling the project.
  • Marketing, Advertising, CRM, and complete sales process undertaken on your behalf.
  • Turning prospects into sales within shortest time possible, giving maximization of profits.

Our expertise of all the services lies in:

  • Sourcing the most Investment-worthy properties.
  • Checking Legalities and verifying documents.
  • Negotiating the most suitable terms.
  • Mediating between parties.
  • Assessment and valuation of property.
  • Arranging for finance through leading Banks.
  • Taking care of paper work, deeds, titles and registration.


     We understand that purchasing an investment property means that not only do you want the best property for your investment, but you want a specialist to steer you in the right direction. If you wish to purchase an investment property we have specialists covering:

  • Off the plan investments;
  • Investment units;
  • Houses suitable as investments;
  • Commercial properties;
  • Industrial properties;
  • Agriculture properties; and etc.

     We are the only buyer’s agents in Hosur who offer a commercial and industrial property purchase Rental and leasing service covering the whole of the Hosur area.

     Whether you are looking for a property for your own use, or an investment, contact Hosur All Prpperty.com  and we will help you.

Purchasing from overseas

     Just because you are currently living abroad, it doesn’t mean you should miss out on purchasing property at Hosur. We have had years of experience purchasing properties for clients who are currently living overseas.

     Once your property has been purchased we can then assist you with managing the property in your absence to ensure your money is working hard for you in your absence. 


Why use us?

     Hosur All Property are often hired by people with hectic lifestyles who simply can’t afford the valuable time it takes to find and purchase a property in Hosur. We understand that you work hard and want to spend more quality time enjoying life and relaxing. That’s where we come in, whether it’s Buying, Selling or an Investment property.

You will benefit by using Hosur All Property.com because:

  • We save you valuable time.
  • We save you the frustration of dealing with agents who do not understand nor wish to listen to your
       personal requirements.
  • We give you access to all the properties which meets your requirements — not just the listings of one
       real estate agent.
  • We save you the worry and stress of the negotiations by negotiating for you.
  • We save you money on the purchase by making sure you know all the facts relating to the property.
  • We act exclusively on your behalf.
  • We can organise all necessary reports such as surveys, pest and building certificates etc.
  • We do all the legwork.
  • We will exchange the contracts on your behalf.
  • We will follow the sale through for you from exchange of contracts to settlement.
  • No leeway is given to the opposition — that is the Agent and the Seller/Buyer.
  • Total confidentiality of your personal situation/information is assured. 

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